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Back in the day...Las Vegas Age Newspaper grin

Some of the old Las Vegas Age newspapers are available online (link above).

I was browsing around and ran across this editorial (I couldn't copy and paste; had to type it out, so forgive typos!)

What caught my attention was the line "look forward to the possibilities" Can you imagine what those people would think of Las Vegas today?!

From the Las Vegas Age Newspaper January 2, 1909 (page 4)

It is pleasant sometimes to indulge in reminiscence and the beginning of a new year seems always to encourage such indulgence. We have just ended the fourth year of the life of Vegas as a town and as we think back over its early days with its hopes and disappointments—successes and defeats, and compare the fragile existence of those days with the present solid and substantial business city which has been built through the faith and labor of its people, we cannot but feel gratified.

How many are there who remember conditions in Vegas May 15, 1905, when the crowd gathered for the auction sale of the townsite lots, about the mesquite tree near the site of the present freight house? At that time there was not a single structure of any kind on the present townsite, not a street marked out through the brush or a water pipe laid, no electric lights or telephones dreamed of, no schools or churches—only some surveyors stakes marked with lot numbers scattered through the brush in a seemingly aimless way.

Today, we have ten miles of graded, oiled and curbed streets, a good water system, electric lights, telephones, handsome business blocks, an opera house, beautiful homes, two splendid churches, and other evidences of material growth and prosperity too numerous to detail. Our business institutions are on a safe and substantial basis, fraternal organizations have been formed and are in a prosperous condition, a social life has developed which is cementing our people into a united community and the spirit of enterprise and progress pervades our citizens.

Artesian water has been developed and the cultivation of the vast areas of fertile land in this valley is now beginning to receive attention. The great mineral resources of the surrounding country have been recognized and capital is flowing in for their development. We look forward to the certainty of a county seat located in this city and great machine shops built by the railroads, of smelters and railroad extensions in the near future. Can we truly say that our city has failed to make good during its short three and a half years existence?

Have not the high hopes of three years ago crystallized into a confident belief in its great future, based upon good and substantial reasons for such a belief? Look backward at our accomplishments, then forward at our possibilities, then meet the future with confidence. Let the New Year see a united people working in harmony for the welfare of our city and prosperity is assured.

The Age again wishes for Las Vegas and all its citizens a most happy New Year.

This is probably the Opera House that the article refers to...on the upper floor of the Thomas Department Store on the corner of First and Fremont (later the location of the Pioneer Club).

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Back in the day...Las Vegas Age Newspaper grin
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