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Re: I have Everybody's Talking in

Santa Rosa is a town that had many many Card rooms. There are probably 100 orders for chips in the surrounding area of that town. If seems that there a couple of “default” towns that people come up with for chip ID’s....Ridgecrest....Jackson........ Broderick.....And a couple in San Diego.
I have not seen a single San Diego chip from CW Rice. I think that they couldn’t compete with all the other companies stamping chips.

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A California card room that I
The Ladies Cardroom(s) - read all about it!
Nice info...Here’s one
Thanks, didn't have owner's name grin
1467 University Avenue San Diego was . . .
Is the chip a tip chip or good for cover or...
It’s a gambling chip....
I have Everybody's Talking in
Re: I have Everybody's Talking in

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