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Re: I thought TCB is about COLLECTING

You have just wandered into a public bulletin board where you may find the airing of many controversial issues in and outside the boundaries of the chip hobby. You will be reading and digesting opposing opinions of many dedicated chippers. Some of these chippers are brand new to the hobby, just like you are.... others are seasoned veterans, more than willing to share their experiences and the knowledge they have received in the hobby with others.

Please treat this bulletin board as if you lifted the receiver of your telephone at home and overheard some private heated discussions.... much as someone else has compared this board to listening friends argue at the neighborhood bar. Do not take these public exchanges for more than they are worth. Most posts are merely opinions.... others are very factual. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between the two. You may agree with some of them. You may disagree with others. But in the final analysis, most of the posts on this board are meant to be informative and others are intended to be expose's of various conditions in the hobby.

"Many heated exchanges you will be reading are between friends who have known each other for years and who will continue to be friends after the fire has died down. Some exchanges are between former friends who will never be friendly again. Some are just plain spiteful. So it is with that caution that I welcome you to where everyone is encouraged to say what ever is on their minds. Hopefully, we can all appreciate where the other person is coming from when the day is over.

Keeping that in mind, don't forget that you and you alone are responsible for what you say here. Certain things will not be tolerated, such as calling someone names like a liar or a thief, or speaking in any way that could cause harm to another user. You have every right to disagree with someone or be mad at them, but your right to state so publicly on this board stops short of saying anything that could harm another person.

Please note that The Chipboard, The Strike Point and the Slot Card BBS are independently owned by David Spragg and not affiliated to the CC>CC."

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What have we become ???
Re: What have we become ???
Re: What have we become ???
Re: What have we become ???
Re: What have we become ???
she's not a senator
Would love to see a nickname...
I thought TCB is about COLLECTING
Not so .....
Re: I thought TCB is about COLLECTING
It is about Collecting
More important question... why hide behind a fake
Yeah. We do that, too. grin
Has the irony been lost on anyone ....
I agree, filthy language all over TV
Re: I agree, filthy language all over TV
I think most everyon remembers that.
Yup. That was my point.

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