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Lucky Lady

Stopped to take a look at the $500 and $1,000 chips from here and maybe play a game or two.
The cashier wouldn’t let me take a picture of them, so no pic for the chipguide yet. I wouldn’t mind having them in my collection, but ??? Is it worth it ??? Be a stretch seeming that the Casino is only a card game small place and the only good thing I see about it is the chips and somewhat of a history and the large sign outside is cool. I think it used to be a naked lady also but told to change it. I talked chips with a dealer that seemingly had no idea of the vast collectors universe, so I showed him the Mogh and some of my chips listed. He was fascinated. The cashier loved my Hooters chip, especially the $500 and $1,000 chips.
I’m in chemo and radiation next this morning, So far so good.
Hope to see everyone in June and now that I’m not going to the CasinoRama I’ll have some chips to donate to the June Club Auction and keep collecting more to bring to the Convention as well,along with dice and other really nice items.

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Lucky Lady
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Be sure to take one of the Lucky Ladys....

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