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X Train

Once again, promising to start running to Las Vegas. Now they have a partner company who will provide the transportation. For anyone who followed these people, every year, they promise service soon. They had drawings of the station, the cars, some wine train that actually ran, but not to Las Vegas. Problems with getting permission from the track owners, which are the two big freight haulers.

"As one of the largest private sector operators in the US, we believe First Transit is in the best position to deliver the most innovative and efficient solutions to make the X Train a passenger rail service experience like none other in the country. Our plan is to begin operations of the X Train in mid-year 2019."

Maybe XTrain, Urail or whatever the latest name is, because they keep consolidating the stock, has felt a shove from behind. Richard Branson has partnered with Brightline, which wants to run a train to Las Vegas. Ah Ha, competition. This will be fun to watch. What I mean is put up or shut up time for XTrain and the annual dates when they will be running the first train.

"In September, Brightline reffrimed its plans for high-speed rail service between Victorville and Las Vegas, beginning in 2022."

2022? darn I'll have to keep eating my Wheaties and taking my vitamins for three more years? rofl

Train to Las Vegas has always made sense. Maybe you can't beat the time for driving, but with the new "resort fees" parking and all, maybe not having a car for a weekend is a good thing. NFL coming to town, Raiders will have fans that stick with the team. Drive time is about 5 hours. To take a train from Victorville, people will still have to get out of town. I didn't check current plain fair, but get to the airport, pay for parking, be there a couple hours in advance... repeat that leaving Las Vegas. You still have to drive to LAX or some airport?

What I mean is, unlike most rail passage in the US, this one makes sense as far as time. I don't know about cost. Years ago, it was cheaper to fly to LA and catch a flight to LV from there, instead of flying into Las Vegas. Makes no sense but the Southwest or Funjet flew regularly from LAX.

ps There's an Amtrak station in Victorville, just in case someone wants to have the fun of traveling by rail to Las Vegas from any of the major stops in the US. Personally, I was more inclined to take the train to Elko or Reno? It's the great March Madness trip, where I get there on Wed. bet every game for four days, Overdose on the tournament, place bets for the third round... hop back on the train and come home.

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