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Very sad New Years for me I lost my

youngest my sister today, lost my middle sister one month ago, and my oldest Of three sisters 2 months ago. My brother went a couple years ago. I'm the only sibling left. They all lost very long marriage spouses a year or two ago. I'm the only one left. Good news we all have or had large families, that are very close. They all had wonderful and successful lives. Happy New year to all, tell your loved ones how much you love them daily.

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Very sad New Years for me I lost my
Re: Very sad New Years for me I lost my
Fred sorry to hear of your loss...
My Sincere Condolences For Your Loss
My condolences on your loss
Fred I’m glad you had such a wonderful life with
Very sorry you have had such a rough year
Thanks to all for kind words.
Hey Fred...
Our sincere condolences extended to you Fred
Our Condolences, Fred
My Condolences
Condolences for your loss.
Our Thoughts Are With You At This Time-God Bless
Very sorry for your loss, Fred.
Sorry to hear Fred. Thoughts are with you!
Thanks Terry, I will always remember our Co. trip
Very sorry to hear of your losses, Fred sad
My Condolences on Your loss
Sorry for your loss Fred
So, so sorry, Fred sad
Deepest Condolences and Sympathy for your loss
Condolences for your losses.
Re: Very sad New Years for me I lost my

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