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Thanks Quinten !!!! That photo makes me happy and
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Sad at the same time.

Everyone knows what a wonderful person Brian was but it would surprise quite a few how awesome of a person Eric was as well. Eric was hardheaded, obstinate and opinionated, but he was one of my best friends in the club and one of the most generous people I know.

I will miss both Brian and Eric dearly and thier memories like those of Greg, Aaron, Mark and so many others will live in my heart forever.

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Its days like these that I think of all the
Well said Doug. And to you as well....
Amen-Happy New Year To One & All
I Totally Agree Doug; 100% !!!
I couldn’t agree more!!! Thanks Doug !!!
Great post, Doug!
Great CCA Memories!
Thanks Quinten !!!! That photo makes me happy and
vbg LIKE vbg HaPpY New Year, safe & sane

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