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Round mountain, Nevada

A recent post that showed an auger, a tool used to fix flats, brought back memories of a
trip I made to Round Mountain, Nevada in the early 70s. As usual, I was looking for chips
and found myself in the Palace Club. It was the only place in town and all they had were
two slot machines and a poker table. No chips. When I left I noticed a front tire on my
truck was going flat. Luckily there was an old filling station across the street but it didn't
look like it was equipped to fix anything. Expecting a negative answer, I was surprised when
the man said that, yes, he could fix flat tires and fast too. He proceeded to whip out an auger
and drill a hole in my tire. (I was freaking out a at this point) He did it just like the post
said. I had never seen this done before and was amazed. Meanwhile this guy starts telling
me about his 1948 Playboy automobile that was parked nearby. He gave me the whole history
(only 97 were made etc) He was real proud of it too. Hugh Hefner actually named his magazine
after it. Anyway, I didn't find any chips that day but learned some neat stuff.

The photos show me in front of the Palace in 1983 and from Robert McCracken's 2008 book
on Round Mountain. I'm pretty sure the town has been obliterated by open pit mining.
The Playboy is from the Internet.

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Round mountain, Nevada
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