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Socopoker - Pete Donnelly

Yesterday I posted several negative remarks about socopoker ( Pete Donnelly's ebay user name ) on this site and I was wrong for doing that.
I asked others to give me there views on my personal complaints of socopoker's ebay listing practices and that was wrong of me to do on or off this site.
I should have contacted Pete directly and discussed my concerns with him by phone or email.
Pete is a fellow club member and did not deserve to be blind sided like that in a post on this site.
I did not conduct myself very well yesterday and I offer an apology to Pete Donnelly and the readers of this board.
I made several mistakes yesterday and am truly sorry.

Jerry Hudson

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Socopoker - Pete Donnelly
Re: Socopoker - Pete Donnelly
No hard feelings toward either of you, Jerry and
Re: Socopoker - Pete Donnelly
Re: Socopoker - Pete Donnelly
Jerry great post! Pete and you are both stand up

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