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Chipguide Casino Information Update

Fellow Collectors,

About two weeks ago I started to clean up the casino data on the chipguide to close no longer operational casino and update websites and address as needed. I am happy to say with the help of a few great collectors we have completed almost all of the United and some international casinos. One thing I found out through this process is that there is lots of casinos open but with no items to attach to the casino to open an entry.

For example in Carter Lake Iowa the Prairie Flower casino opened up in November. Bad news it is slots only now but that means Slot cards are TITO are available. There is also a lot of open Montana Card rooms not listed in the guide.

Also if you see a casino that is open and needs to be closed let me know or if a casino no longer has tables let me know also. I was able to update a lot of casino to Slots Only especially in Colorado and Montana.

Paul S.

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Chipguide Casino Information Update
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