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Re: Dear Jerry
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In your response you made some FALSE statements ( UNTRUE ).
1.) You said you " I choose to not conduct my business on here ( The Chip Board ). On December 23, 2018 at 7:13am you posted " ebay chip auctions this week " with a couple links to your ebay sales & auctions. That is conducting business here on this site.
2. ) I did not ask you to remove Thunderbird from your listings as you do have 5 or 6 Thunderbird items up now and you have the word Thunderbird in the title line where it should be. I do not have any problem with that. What I asked was for you to remove the word Thunderbird from your list of 200+ casino names in each of your listings which makes every listing you have show up when I look up Thunderbird items. I do not need to see the other 950 items you have listed that I have ZERO interest in.

3. ) No I do not have some special claim to the Thunderbird collectible market. True, that is all I collect and I enjoy it

4. ) I say your item description of listing all 200+ casinos in every listing is SPAM and you say it is not. EBAY will be the final answer and hopefully answer will come within next couple weeks. If ebay considers your listings do contain spam ( is a policy violation ) they will remove all your listings ( 950+ ) and you will have lots of work to do to be able to relist them.

5. ) Filing a complaint with you would be useless. You see no flaw in what you are doing.

6. ) I have already filed a complaint with Ebay and will continue filing complaints until decision is reached.

7. ) You say you are looking forward to seeing me at Arizona Charlies Show and maybe the South Point Show in the summer. I think everyone who has read all this knows that statement is false.

8. ) Just to make sure you know I am not singling you out for this, for a personal reason, as I do not even know you or know nothing about you other than you are a club & Mogh member. I have previously filed 2 other complaints with Ebay for the same thing from other sellers in the past 2 years. In both cases their listings were revised to meet Ebay Policy. In a few weeks we will see if I am 3 for 3.

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