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Same One!
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It is the same one

Just to clarify, the "Hotel y Casino Colony" remained open after the revolution, although the casino was closed and the hotel was renamed "The Colony Hotel". It is still open, or was, until very recently, same old building with many renovations and new amenities.

The "Isla de Pino," where the Hotel y Casino Colony was located, was renamed "Isla de la Juventud" in 1978.

Note: There are and there used to be other small hotels throughout Cuba called "Hotel Colony". But these are/were very small, did not have a casino, and never made it to the history books.

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CUBA- Copacabana or Country Club?
Re: CUBA- Copacabana or Country Club?
Copacabana in Havana is one word.
Re: Copacabana in Havana is one word.
Oops Luis, good hearing from him !!!
Re: Copacabana in Havana is one word.
NEITHER! Belong to "Colony Club"
Thanks.Charles Kaplan
Promise to send info/pictures
Luis, good to see you posting!
Re:Thanks, trying to get involve again
From Museo Cuba "Colony Club"
"El Colony Hotel" on Isle de Pino... ???
Same Hotel/Casino Colony
Thanks for correcting the misinformation.
Thank You
Sounds good. Anytime.
Another "Colony Hotel" ???
Same One!
Amazing history. Thanks much. 👍

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