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RE: Netherlands Chips

Hi Robert,

We have made 26 trips to the Netherlands to see friends
who live in Ijsselstein - Utrecht Province (mid country)
The wife is retired from the Dutch Ministry (Rjkswaterstaat)
and the husband from the Korps Mariners (Dutch Marines)
We have been going there up to a couple times a year since
the mid 90's. We have seen the money system go from the
Dutch Florin to the Dutch Guilder to the Euro ....

The value on these chips will depend on when the casinos did
close. Prior to January 1, 1999 - the casino chips would be in
Dutch Guilders (NLG), and after January 1, 1999 they would
be in Euro. I think the Dutch Florin (f or fl) goes back too far
for these chips. (1 Dutch Guilder = approx 52ยข USD)

The chips you posted are worth in the $1 - $5 range basically.
I have seen alot of those in second hand shops all around the
Netherlands cheap.

We like to go to the Holland Casino in Utrecht, because we
have very good luck on the slots just about every time. The
pictures below are some of our winnings in euro's ....
1 euro = $1.25 USD

Hope the info helps you,
Al Varelas / USMC

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RE: Netherlands Chips
Al, thanks for the info.

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