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That Is No Good Either....

by doing that you eliminate actual brick and mortar establishments that had gaming and issued gaming instruments (i.e. route tokens)

what purpose do personal chips serve? they are not issued by an actual gaming establishment, nor are they used for gaming.

the whole concept of putting your name or picture on a chip and then submitting it to a museum is downright silly. is there any other museum in the world where this kind of activity takes place?

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A ChipGuide "clutter" remark...
Re: A ChipGuide "clutter" remark...
Re: A ChipGuide "clutter" remark...
And Personal Chips Too!!!
If You Just Want Casinos on the ChipGuide
That Is No Good Either....
What Is Good?
No Personal Chips is Good
"Personal Chips" are artistic, period.
But Are They Gaming History? Period
I seriously doubt Personal Chips will be removed ~
ChipGuide "clutter"
Charles Great answer, thanks for all your efforts

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