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NEITHER! Belong to "Colony Club"


Those crossed C chips belonged to the Colony Club, located at the "Hotel Colony" in Playa Roja, Isla de Pino, Cuba.

This small Hotel/Motel was located in the Island of Pino off main Island of Cuba. It only had 98 rooms and was built in April 22, 1955. The Hotel was Owned by a corporation representing the interest of the Lansky and Batista groups.

The Casino was called the Colony Club (crossed CCs) and the owners had great plans for it with island airport ready for direct flights to the Island de Pino from multiple important US Cities. These plans were never fully developed because of the 1959 revolution. The hotel was from the era/group of all the other well known Lansky Hotels & Casinos with the pretty chips so much desired by collectors. Unfortunately The Colony did not compete well with these other Hotels/Casino in the main island and it therefore stayed relatively anonymous to collectors of present day. These mysterious chips from The Colony Club are frequently wrongly classified under different Cuban Casinos from the main island and particularly from Hotels in Havana.

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CUBA- Copacabana or Country Club?
Re: CUBA- Copacabana or Country Club?
Copacabana in Havana is one word.
Re: Copacabana in Havana is one word.
Oops Luis, good hearing from him !!!
Re: Copacabana in Havana is one word.
NEITHER! Belong to "Colony Club"
Thanks.Charles Kaplan
Promise to send info/pictures
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From Museo Cuba "Colony Club"
"El Colony Hotel" on Isle de Pino... ???
Same Hotel/Casino Colony
Thanks for correcting the misinformation.
Thank You
Sounds good. Anytime.
Another "Colony Hotel" ???
Same One!
Amazing history. Thanks much. 👍

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