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ChipGuide "clutter"

The ChipGuide is an online catalog of casino collectibles. A casino can be any kind of casino, not just legal casinos. The guidelines for items on the ChipGuide are:

1) Items used as currency in a casino - chips, tokens, etc.
2) Items used as equipment in a casino - playing cards, dice, etc.
3) Souvenir items from a casino as long as it has the casino name, casino logo or a picture of the casino (some kind of identifier) - ashtrays, postcards, etc.
4) Poker chips (as opposed to casino chips) whether they were used in a casino or not

The ChipGuide has features to allow you to see only what you want to see, you can filter out the "clutter". This includes casinos vs. non-casinos, and what types of items appear in a casino. We try to make the ChipGuide suitable for every collector. A great deal of effort has been put into these features.

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A ChipGuide "clutter" remark...
Re: A ChipGuide "clutter" remark...
Re: A ChipGuide "clutter" remark...
And Personal Chips Too!!!
If You Just Want Casinos on the ChipGuide
That Is No Good Either....
What Is Good?
No Personal Chips is Good
"Personal Chips" are artistic, period.
But Are They Gaming History? Period
I seriously doubt Personal Chips will be removed ~
ChipGuide "clutter"
Charles Great answer, thanks for all your efforts

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