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And Personal Chips Too!!!

Personal chips should NOT be on the chipguide. Every time a personal chip is posted to the chipguide it delegitimizes it as a true "museum".

Does the curator of the Louvre display his own personal artwork next to the Mona Lisa?

Newbies to the chipguide are absolutely baffled. For instance, if they look up the Jockey Club, they see it between a "Jim Follis" and a "Joe Pavlik". They click on it and see non casino chips with strangers faces on them. Put yourself in the position of a first time user, wouldn't you be confused?

The MOGH should be a legitimate museum, not a forum for chip collectors who feel the need to insert themselves as "gaming history".

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A ChipGuide "clutter" remark...
Re: A ChipGuide "clutter" remark...
Re: A ChipGuide "clutter" remark...
And Personal Chips Too!!!
If You Just Want Casinos on the ChipGuide
That Is No Good Either....
What Is Good?
No Personal Chips is Good
"Personal Chips" are artistic, period.
But Are They Gaming History? Period
I seriously doubt Personal Chips will be removed ~
ChipGuide "clutter"
Charles Great answer, thanks for all your efforts

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