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A ChipGuide "clutter" remark...

This is my brochure.. and it has been called to my attention that it's from a time long after gambling took place at the hotel (which I am aware of) and really doesn't have any relation to gambling and shouldn't even be listed (I submitted it for obvious historical reasons). Also mentioned; the many postcards listed under the Floridian have no place being there and are simply clutter. Not sure if this has been called to the attention of anyone else or not, or even worthy of being mentioned.

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A ChipGuide "clutter" remark...
Re: A ChipGuide "clutter" remark...
Re: A ChipGuide "clutter" remark...
And Personal Chips Too!!!
If You Just Want Casinos on the ChipGuide
That Is No Good Either....
What Is Good?
No Personal Chips is Good
"Personal Chips" are artistic, period.
But Are They Gaming History? Period
I seriously doubt Personal Chips will be removed ~
ChipGuide "clutter"
Charles Great answer, thanks for all your efforts

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