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One is born every minute...

I bought this 50 Franc coin with a Palace Club inlay pasted on it just out of curiosity. It was pretty cheap on eBay and I just wanted to get a good look at it. I thought that it was pretty silly of somebody to remove the inlay from a high dollar chip and glue it on a 1952 50 Franc coin and then sell it for $3.95 so I took the bait and made the purchase. Here is a scan of a real Palace Club roulette and the front & back of the coin.

Of course when I got the item in hand it was immediately clear that it was a scanned image printed on a plastic sticker and affixed to the coin. The quality of the print is excellent. Afterword I went back to eBay to look at the seller's other auctions - he has bunches of "colorized" coins that are produced the same way. At least it was a pretty cheap lesson and I think the coin is pretty cool - and it books for about what I paid.

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One is born every minute...
Re: One is born every minute...
Thanks for the heads up!!
B&B said a sucker is born every minuteNot implying

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