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New Chip Release $1 Terrible's, Jean, NV

I just got back from a 60 mile round trip to Terrible's Casino in Jean, NV
The cage will sale you 2 chips

The cage is saying this is per the gaming commission
We all know that is BS

Sandy and I were able to get 2 chips each and then I had to find others in the hotel and pay them to get me two chips

I ended up getting 8 chips after about 30 minutes of work to get this chip

I sold 4 of these at $4 each
I am keeping one for me and I have three more chips to sale

These will be at $5 each for the chip and shipping

Email me at if interested

Thanks and happy chip hunting

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New Chip Release $1 Terrible's, Jean, NV
Good Looking Chip
I have a couple of chips left to sale

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