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Not my place to make any such suggestion except ~~
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~~~ in the manner in which Michael made himself clear in explaining what some of the political posts in the past had turned out to be; such as crude name calling... of which, I have often brought up whenever this matter comes up is that there have been posts here regarding "casino chips" and "casinos" and how we "collect" them from a casino which were much worse than any political post leading to namecalling; much, much worse... even sports-related posts that lead to name calling. There have also been posts suggesting nobody other than an American should voice their opinion on any American political issue at which time I voiced my opinion in saying such posts were healthy. Which, of course, all boils down to how we should respect others in how we respond in posts no matter what the subject.

...and, to make myself perfectly clear; I (and others) have been reminded to tone it down back then. If I and others took that advice then I do not see any reason to prohibit anyone from making political post.

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Can the political posts stop now?
Maybe, we’ll see ?
AMEN! vbg
I would ask the poster directly ~~~
I really don't intend to single out any individual
Not my place to make any such suggestion except ~~
Thank you
Yes Please

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