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Fred H.Tks so much for 25.00 chip from

the Ranchinn, Elco, Nv. It is in mint condition. I'm especially pleased to receive so quickly from Fl. First class w/ tracking # only took 2 days. I have a neighbor who I play poker with (home game) who thinks he knows everything about chips. He boasted that he knows I don't have a chip from Ranchinn, as he was a BJ Dlr. for the only few yrs. the casino was open, they watched the chips very closely, and none got out, at that time nobody collected chips. I made him a bet that I had a chip, (knowing someone had a chip to sell). I'm leaving in an hour to show the guy the chip, and collect on my bet (not a big bet, but I love proving this know it all wrong). Timing is everything. I love the chip. Thanks again, Fred

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Fred H.Tks so much for 25.00 chip from
vbg Good For You Pal

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