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Fun conversation with one vendor
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at Pasadena - he had no chips but was a friendly sort - told him what I was looking for and he was amazed that anyone would collect casino chips! "Oh, I get it, you buy them cheap and then cash them back in at the casino? Smart!"

I explained that wasn't exactly the way our hobby works. Actually current chips aren't all that interesting, it's the old, obsolete ones that collectors likely want. He said if he ever comes across any, he'd bring them to the swap meet.

For my part, I have long ceased being surprised at the things people collect. This is the season for Santa Claus collectors to be out. Yeah, I guess there are rooms filled with images and statues of Jolly St. Nick - a somewhat creepy display in my mind but . . . hey, nirvana for the Claus Fans.

I'll be listing one of the Mystere Treasure Island chips and the River City on eBay shortly, should anyone be interested. A shameful capitalist plug.

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A good day 😀
Fun conversation with one vendor

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