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for sale $1000 prop chip from "Viva Laughlin" for sale

I have a few available.

This is a $1,000 chip from "FORTUNAS HOTEL & CASINO". In the TV show "Viva Laughlin" there are two competing casinos - the Viva and Fortunas.

Here is the chip (both sides):

The exterior and interior shots of "Fontanas" were filmed at the Morongo Casino in Southern California. Below is a picture of the actual Morongo - you can see where they got the image for the chip....

Below is a screen capture from the TV show of the Fontanas chips:

This $1,000 chip is $9 shipped with tracking. If you want, add two chips from the competing casino, the "Viva" for an additional $8. Here is my original post on these two:

If you are interested in any/all of these chips, please link a SOLD message to me and then email me.

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for sale $1000 prop chip from "Viva Laughlin" for sale
If you have already purchased the two chip set....

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