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Having fun Steve & Cathy

Guess 4 FREE and you might win 1 of these 3 chips or a BLUE BOOK
BONUS Hit the winning bid
on the nose and WIN ALL 4

Our KODAK easyshare CAMERA chip
is on our eBay and will close Sept 16th at 7 pm
Click on the link below to see the current contest auction.

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WIN this CHIP up-date GUESS NOW
$28.88 R-8000 Thanks 4 the fun
$ 21.50
Thanks Steve 30.99
$53.19 Thanks
$17.95 vbg
Well Played!!!
Re: 23.23 thanks, Steve! grin
$23.00 Thanks, Dan R-8220
$45.57 Torrey Morand 8364 LM250
$62.78 Thanks Steve
Thanks 31.99
Hi Fred, U R already in at $30.99 vbg
$33.50 Thanks for the contest.

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