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Silver City

My favorite hole in the wall casino of all times! On one trip I stayed at Circus-Circus like I always did. I used to play at Circus then go to Slots A Fun, Westward Ho, Stardust, Frontier and Silver City before heading back to Circus to start over, playing BJ at each place. One round trip took about 4-6 hours. One day I was in Silver City about 5 AM (that is after getting up at 4 AM) and this huge pimp walked in with his 4 or 5 hookers in trail. They all looked pretty worn out but played craps for a while. grin I remember they had all sorts of neat offers. One was they paid you an extra $25 if you got a suited 678 at BJ. Not a bad bonus for a $2 game with little house edge to begin with.

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Las Vegas History Series: Silver City Casino
Silver City

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