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Re: NCR?: Now Here is a Cruise!!!

At $367 per day Viking probably is not losing money on this cruise grin Most cruises you can easily get for under $100 per day. I could never eat enough food or drink enough bourbon to cover that cost. But it sure would be a nice trip if you had the time and money was no object.

We are going on Royal Caribbeans 12 day Baltic cruise next spring leaving from Amsterdam. The main goal for me is to see the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg Russia. When we were in Russia in the early 2000's we visited the Hermitage which has 3,000,000 items on display. We had 1 1/2 hours to view the museum so needless to say we saw very little of it. This time the ship is going to be there for two days so I really hope to see as much as possible. It also hits the rest of the northern capitals so should be a lot of fun. Cindy also insisted on getting the premium economy seats for the trip which added a lot to the cost but I was not going to sit in cattle class while she sipped free champagne. vbg

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NCR?: Now Here is a Cruise!!!
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