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Resorts International AC

On a recent Las Vegas trip I had dinner with an acquaintance. He knew I was a chip club member and brought over his Resorts collection thinking I would be able to tell him what they are worth retail/Wholesale. Since I do not collect these I have no idea. This elderly couple is moving in about 2-3 months to Florida and I believe he was hinting he might want to sell these. They have no email etc. so I will convey any information on worth to a friend in LV and he has dinner with them once a week. They live about 1 mile from the South Point if a deal is to be made. I will post the 2 photos I have. Any information would be appreciated. I did tell them many of these chips are probably very common. They are all brand new as he used to live on the East Coast and visited from Opening Day. The second picture is a keychain and some duplicates I believe.

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Resorts International AC
$2-$3 each
Re: $2-$3 each
I sell the boxed set (incl 21 chips) for $44.99.
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