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NCR: Help a chippers family help others!

Ok, so here's the deal... My wife Lacy recently started selling Younique makeup and during the month of August they're selling a special package with all of the money going to Defend Innocence. The Defend Innocence organization's main purpose is to put an end to childhood sexual abuse and to help victims of childhood sexual abuse. It's a great cause and something I believe we can all agree with needing to put an end to such a terrible thing.

So here's the deal that they're offering:
👉Dip n draw liquid eye liner in the color peaceful
👉Pressed eyeshadow compact in the color worthy
👉Crushed powder lipstick in the color compassionate

I know that the club has a large majority of Male members who have no interest in makeup but this deal isn't as much about the makeup as it is the Defending Innocence organization. This package / donation is $61 with every penny going to Defending Innocence! You can use the makeup yourself, give it to your wives, or not even get the makeup and just count this as a donation! If you're interested in helping let me know and I will let you know how!

My wife also sells every other type of makeup that Younique offers so if you or your wives / significant others are interested let me know and I can direct you on where to see the products. Thanks for considering helping us in such an important way and I hope together we can put an end to childhood sexual abuse.
Dan Cooley R-8220

Copyright 2017 David Spragg