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grin Ann saw the Dr. today

Results of test on neck this week Show That The stent that was put in her artery 9 years ago is working fine. The other artery is 50 % closed. For someone her age an Operation would not be done until it was 70 % closed. Medication should keep that from happening. The odds of her having another stroke is the same as anyone her age. Monday she has a brain scan scheduled. No culprit has been found to cause her stroke. After the DR. reads the results of the scan he has scheduled her next visit for August After that he wants to see her once a year. Thanks for all of your prayers & wishes. Al & Ann

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grin Ann saw the Dr. today
Thanks for the update Al....
Re: grin Ann saw the Dr. today
will keep Ann in our prayers
Thanks Al, best wishes Anna !
grin All our best to you and Ann grin

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