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Re: NCR...I think I am going to
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I really think you should reconsider Jay.

The extensive gaming history of the state of California has a large amount of secrets left to be discovered. You and others of us who have done research over the years are very much needed to continue making sure the hobby has the correct collecting information available.
I think you have found your calling right here at home in California. And besides, it gets damn cold in Reno. grin

I think I can speak for all serious California collectors in saying, we need you to continue you research here at home.

Thank you for all you have done so far.


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NCR...I think I am going to
Thanks for all the info you have posted.
Thanks Charles...
Re: Thanks Charles...
No - I think Coyote Fox refers to an ADDRESS
I am so glad you have continued on your research
Thanks Michael...
Wow, thanks.
Michael, could you send me a scan of that
Sent, and here it is again
Looking at it, it's 2 words
Link to info on Buckmaster and Craig's List
Thanks for the info Don šŸ˜€
Jay - Reno is a fine place to research but don't
Iā€™m sure Sparks will pop up
Re: NCR...I think I am going to
Re: NCR...I think I am going to
Re: NCR...I think I am going to

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