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OK, but....

OK for inexpensive chips, but:
¶ no free tracking, which you get with the $2.66 PayPal snipping labels for first class PARCEL mail..
¶ you are paying letter rate, so mail piece must be no more than 1/4 inch thick, so not as strong/protective as sandwiching the chip between bubble wrap and strong cardboard the way I do with first class PARCEL mail (over 1/4 inch thick; $2.66).
¶ note: a while back someone recommended sandwiching the chip between the hot cup holders you can find at Starbucks, for example, so mail piece no more than 1/4 inch thick and eligible for cheap first class LETTER rate.


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2 chips / padded mailer / 77¢
Good tip... Saves 💲💲💲
OK, but....
True, good for a $10 chip - "free" S&H
Re: 2 chips / padded mailer / 77¢

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