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Re: Franklin Mint Token Set
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The set is currently selling on Ebay by different sellers anywhere from
a little over $200 to over $500. As a silver striker and silver strike seller,
I would say that a fair price for the set would be between $200 - $325
max. It is a common specialty set, so you would have to find a buyer that
wants it. There are "alot" of single tokens from the set on Ebay selling from
$1.99 up to ridiculous amounts. I don't buy them, because they are all either
brass or silver nickle clad - none are .999 silver.

By 1966, silver dollars had completely disappeared from circulation,
and more casinos turned to private issue gaming tokens. By mid-year,
every major casino in the Las Vegas area, and nearly all the other big
casinos had ordered their own tokens. By the fall of 1966, the Franklin
Mint had reached its limit for the year, 72 different gaming tokens. This
included 64 casinos in Nevada, and 8 international casinos. Unlike 1965,
every token issued by the Franklin Mint in 1966 was the same standard
size. Each token had a unique reading pattern around the edge.
This helped casinos identify their own tokens. Casinos ordered 500 proofs
in individual coin holders and 500 complete Full Proof Sets.

My Ebay Silver Strike Store:

Hope that helps you a little ...
Al Varelas / USMC
Vietnam Veteran SS-1654

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