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Nice Collection. Thanks for showing.
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I miss the Dunes. I once "performed" as Nevada Bob with a cute little girl band at the Oasis Lounge (actually they selected dorks from the audience to come up on stage and make a fool of them selves). When they asked me to tell the audience my name I said "Bob" and my friends went crazy be cause Bob is not my name. Actually I thought I did a pretty good dance routine with them (I had been drinking a lot of beer so probably was not a good judge of my abilities). Any way we enjoy seeing photos of you excellent collection. Please keep them coming.

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The Dunes... grin
Love the stuff from older places !!
Re: The Dunes... VERY KEWL!
Pam you are the Queen of collectors
Great stuff Pam! I still have this KENO Witch...
Re: Thanks, Jim grin
I see it! Looks like cancer. vbg
Re: That's my sign! vbg
Re: Thanks for the kind words everyone grin
Re: The Dunes... grin
Nice Collection. Thanks for showing.
Re: No thank you...I'd lose all the stuff
Re: The Dunes... grin
My first trip to Vegas,stayed at The Dunes,1973
Must be renamed "The Pam Museum of Gaming"!! grin

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