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Added details for move to The Orleans!!!...


We will be meeting tomorrow night (12 June) at The Orleans, Salon C!!!!

Sorry about the late notice, but we just got word from the Gold Coast!

Salon C is located upstairs from the casino floor.

If you enter via valet, go past the coffee vendor (Java Vegas) on your left. Turn the corner to your left and walk past the casino cashier cage and the showroom. You will see a set of escalators that you need to take upstairs. All meeting rooms are on the second floor and accessible from these escalators. There is an elevator that you can access by walking past the escalator, to the right of the live KENO area, next to the building exit doors.

If you enter from the doors nearest the Main Parking Lot entryway (where the marquee is) you will need to go to your immediate right for the elevator. Or walk past the live KENO area, where you will see the escalators to the second floor.

Meeting time is still 6 pm. This move is for June only!!!

Again, sorry for this change. Please help get the word out!


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SNCCC Meeting Location Change!
Added details for move to The Orleans!!!...
Location Change is June ONLY...

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