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The Ivory Turners' Mistake

I think if they didn't align/place the ring(s) the same distance from the edge on both sides of the chip there would have been less chance of a fracture/crack in the ring.

The example below has a crack in the ring and it can be seen in the second photo when shot at an angle.

This exact example is for sale; $400... and being offered at the same level I have sold others for which some were sold sight unseen.
This is one of my last three pieces of which two have ring cracks. The third chip is problem free and being offered at $600. It, too, is being sold at the same level as other problem-free examples of the Tiger sold in the past.

I have seen repaired cracked chips sold where pigmented filler was rubbed into a crack or nervehole in order to hide the crack or hole.

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The Ivory Turners' Mistake
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