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Recollections of Bob and Bruce
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My Atlantic City Chapter meetings, yes back in those days AC was a Chapter of the CCGTCC, always involved Bob and Bruce. Chapter meetings started on Sunday mornings, every other month, 6 a year. I started going when the meetings were held in a closed nightclub at the Showboat. It was so dark in there, that you had to bring a flashlight to see the chips at everyone's table. I would come in on Saturday and stay overnight. My first stop on Saturday was to visit Bob on the Boardwalk at the Gaming Emporium. There were always a bunch of chippers that were hanging out in the store and Bob had an amazing selection of chips. Bob also had a bid board where chips were displayed to be bid on. I always had to check them out. On Sunday, the first guy I would visit at the chapter meetings was Bruce Landau. He always had a big smile on his face and greeted you like family. I made it a point to come home from every meeting with at least one good chip I needed, which was usually found at Bruce's table. Bruce was the center of activity at those meetings. Bruce was always accompanied by his wife Eileen and they made a weekend out of it. There were 5 or 6 other couples that did the same. On Sunday when the guys were at the chapter meeting, the gals went off antiquing or for brunch. When Bruce passed, AC meetings were never the same. It was as if we lost our soul. We used to have 100 to 125 chippers at a meeting, today we are lucky to get 50. But I am happy to remember going to AC to visit Bob and Bruce every couple of months.

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Spring Cleaning
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Recollections of Bob and Bruce
Two Hall of Famers and Good Friends !!
Ah, the Good Old Days

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