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for sale Tarzan NCV5 from Golden Nugget Laughlin

$18 shipped in USA, Pay pal friends or check from CCA club members ok.

Here is the story...
From the now defunct Tarzan's Nightclub at the Golden Nugget Laughlin, TCR #V6199. This chip was issued during special events in which they charged a $10 cover fee, customers receive a rebate back in the form of this NCV chip equivalent to a $5 cash bet. From what I was told from a reliable source, apparently Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. which owns the Tarzan trademark found out that the Golden Nugget Laughlin was using the Tarzan name on the nightclub and this casino chip and was very upset forcing then owner Mirage Resorts to remove the chips from circulation and changing the name of the nightclub which is now simply know as the Nightclub/Lounge.

Thanks for looking

Scan from CG but the one I have is also brand new.

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