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WOW! I am honored and humbled to be Nominated!...

(This message is re-posted here from the Club's Message Board.)

Greg was, and remains, an icon in this hobby. He was a great friend to many of us and through him and his family, we are with a spectacular legacy. To be Nominated for the Award, named in his memory, is bittersweet. Greg was a friend and I miss him deeply.

Also nominated is William (Bill) Cohenaur, who was also a friend to me and the hobby, especially the Silver Strikes community. As the OTY Awards Chairman, each year I relied heavily on Bill to provide me the past year Silver Strike releases for SSOTY Nomination consideration. He too is missed already and I am glad that he too is recognized for his contributions to the hobby with this nomination.

I also know Jamison "Jay" Pike enough to call him a friend. In fact, as recently as yesterday, Jay and I were exchanging emails about California chips. Jay, while newer to the hobby, is a powerful resource to this hobby, and I am glad to see him doing the research he does, and posting his "Weekend Finds"!

I am in good company here and I thank those who made nominations towards this Award. My thanks also to Brian Watts for his involvement with the Greg Susong Award. For those that don't know, or may have forgotten, or were not here back then, Brian kept TheChipBoard and related sites (to include this Club site) up and running following Greg's passing.

This hobby is full of wonderful people!


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WOW! I am honored and humbled to be Nominated!...

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