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Do people still collect metal $1 tokens?

My Dad passed away, leaving behind around 600 casino tokens, mostly metal, almost entirely from 1979 and 80. They’re exclusively from Nevada, heavily from Vegas and Reno of course, but with a few examples from tons of little casinos all over the state. There are a few special $5 and $25 plastic chips, but 95% are metal. Most are in average condition, a few are near mint.

I’ve looked up a few on eBay, and it seems that people still buy these kinds of tokens from time to time...but my guess is they’re a lot less popular than the clay tokens seen in casinos these days.

Here are a couple of images of the collection...just to give you an idea:

I’d like to sell these, and I’m curious if the experts here have any advice before I get started. Assuming that a lot of these are from casinos that are long-since closed, does that make them more or less attractive to buyers?

Thanks in advance!

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Do people still collect metal $1 tokens?
It would be beneficial if you posted some pictures
I agree with Steve completely
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Re: Do people still collect metal $1 tokens?

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