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Here you go....
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Racks are tapered. The footprint is about 1/4" bigger than the top, in length and width.

Base Length - 8- 1/4"
Top Length - 8- 1/8"

Base Width - 3- 1/8"
Top Width - 2- 7/8"

Height - 1- 3/16"


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for sale Authentic Paulson Acylic Racks...
I'm interested....
Here you go....
ok, looking of so far
oh, nevermind....
Switching to email... but....
LOL Jim rofl grin
OMG! Rack 'em up! But what is it?
It is Chip Art, made with chips! way cool!
Re: for sale Authentic Paulson Acylic Racks...
Email sent.
This offer is now CLOSED.

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