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Newest $1 Additions

Just got home from Las Vegas a couple days ago and I wanted to post a picture of the newest additions to my $1 Vegas and surrounding area collection. I especially wanted to send a big thank you to CCA Member Art Allen for taking time to meet me out at Green Valley Ranch Casino so I could go through some of his chips and add to my collection. I was able to pick up some of the chips in this picture from him (a few came from Spinetti's) and I had a nice talk about possibly moving to Vegas in the future. I'm always happy to meet new members since I'm fairly new and don't know many of you. If any local Vegas members would like to get together on my next trip in September so we could trade or buy chips, I would definitely welcome the opportunity. I unfortunately cannot make it to the convention this year, so I'll try to get $1 chips whenever or where ever I can. Thanks again Art!

BTW, the M&M World chip came from a friend who knows I collect chips, so she picked it up for my collection. Bless her heart!

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