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*NCR* Matches

While I was searching postcards, found in an antique shop. I didn't dig through the bowl. I saw one Casino so I'll guess there are more. What should I be paying for these? Best way to remove matches? (pull staple carefully is a guess?)

Prices on ebay are all over and shipping as well. I'd think it was illegal to ship a book of matches with the matches still in it?

What I'm trying to find is what's a fair value and how much will it cost me to ship, so I can make them available for collectors? I don't collect match books anymore, I use them for starting the grill or the fireplace. No not Las Vegas, locals, restaurants, gas stations, nothing "famous".

30 months old whiskey 10c a drink - sounds like it would have a good bite? grin

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*NCR* Matches
What are old matchbooks worth?
Re: What are old matchbooks worth?
USPS will only allow via ground, and has rules...
My best advice is ~~~
Re: My best advice is ~~~

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