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Invitation to SNCCC March Meeting...

From the President of the SNCCC...


The next meeting will be March 13 at 7 pm at THE GOLD COAST HOTEL & CASINO, 4000 WEST FLAMINGO ROAD, Las Vegas, NV. SALON A, LOCATED BY THE VALET ESCALATORS.


At our meetings, we have trading and selling of Casino Memorabilia which starts at 6 pm and resumes following the meeting. You are invited to both the meeting and trading sessions.

The Club also conducts an auction. You can see the list of items and scans in this message. In the event you are not able to make it in person, you are welcome to email me with your highest bid. Just include your CCA or SNCCC membership number and which lot you want to bid on, along with your maximum bid. Payment for winning bids is due at the end of the auction. If you are an absentee winner, you will receive an invoice. You may bring any items for future auctions with you. Any form of Casino Memorabilia is welcome. The Club takes a 20% seller’s fee, unless you opt to donate all proceeds to the Club.

GUEST SPEAKER: Mr. Richard Munchkin, who has been a professional Gambler for 40 years, will be our March speaker. In 1977 Richard moved to Las Vegas and started dealing Blackjack at the Golden Nugget. He soon moved to the Castaways on the strip, but found he had to stop working for casinos because he was making more money playing Blackjack rather than dealing it. Over the last 4 decades he has traveled the world as an advantage player. He is the author of Gambling Wizards “Conversations with the World’s Greatest Gamblers” and the cohost of the podcast “Gambling with an Edge”

There will be a 50/50 raffle for cash and/or prizes which is quite fun!

If you are not yet a member or your membership has lapsed, I invite you to join the SNCCC. An annual membership is only $12.00 payable at the door. You are, of course, Welcome as a guest to see what we’re all about and you can bring your friends as well!!!!!!!!!!

You are welcome to Buy /Sell / Trade casino memorabilia at our meetings. We have many knowledgeable members who can guide you with appraisals and insight into casino collectibles. On behalf of the SNCCC, I sincerely hope you will join us and hope to talk to everyone there.

Jerry Vergatos
Southern Nevada Casino Collectibles Club

Also from the SNCCC President, is the 2018 FEB/MAR SNCCC Newsletter:

March 2018

Greetings to All Members,

Efforts are ongoing in determining how UNLV will administer the 2 grants that were approved last year. The school is having a hard time with the process of receiving funds from organizations with stipulations. Although minor in comparison to large grants, they are not geared for smaller groups. The process is still active, and I will keep you posted.

Our next speaker will be Richard Munchkin, He has been a professional Gambler for 40 years. In 1977 Richard moved to Las Vegas and started dealing Blackjack at the Golden Nugget. He soon moved to the Castaways on the Strip, but found he had to stop working for casinos because he was making more money playing Blackjack rather than dealing it. Over the last 4 decades, he has traveled the world as an advantage player. He is the author of Gambling Wizards “Conversations with the World’s Greatest Gamblers” and the co-host of the podcast “Gambling with an Edge”

Meeting Location
There has been some confusion as to which Salon we are using for our meeting. We were told we would be in Salon A through the end of 2018. We have no control over the room that they give us at the last moment, as there are last-minute changes. I will try to make sure that there is adequate signage to show where the room is that we will be in. Often times it is just merely one of the rooms next to where we would be in Salon A. If you come to the meeting and did not see us in that room, please call me on my cell phone at 720-939-2848 and I will be glad to direct you to any last-minute changes. Also, note that the Gold Coast’s Daily Schedule monitors have the up-to-date location.

Please invite your friends and any people that you might think would be interested in coming to our club meeting. We have a great lineup of speakers this year, a little something for everybody. I think you will find the people that speak at our meetings are very informative and entertaining in their own way.

Please try to do some postings on the Facebook to make it more interactive, you can post anything that's related to the club and to the casino activities as well as some personal postings. Jim Follis and Ron Gaudette are the people to speak to if you have questions or concerns. Many Thanks to Jaydon Ogden for promoting our Facebook site. Making ourselves known only helps further our membership drive. Please invite family and friends to join us.

Beginning in April the meeting format will change slightly with the auction beginning at 6:45 pm. The guest speaker will follow with payment of auction purchases after their presentation. The rest of the meeting will proceed as usual.

Membership Officer
Rich, our Membership Officer, wishes to retire. We are actively looking for someone to take over his duties. His service and dedication are greatly appreciated, and we wish him well. Anyone interested in the position should contact me at or 720-939-2848 or the club website listed below. Time is of the essence as planning is underway.

Display cases are up at the Nevada State Museum. The SNCCC, through 2 donations, helped fund this Exhibit. Everyone is invited to an upcoming Museum event on March 21 from 10 am to 5 pm. There will be 20 museums present and the MoGH will be included. The location of the event is Nevada State Museum, Springs Preserve 333 S Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas. RSVP is requested by March 12. Please see the formal Invitation attached.

Elections CCA
Rich Klabacha has authored a personal letter to the SNCCC membership concerning our members running for election in the CCA. The letter is attached at the end of this newsletter.

Comments / Suggestions
Your thoughts and comments are always welcome. I appreciate the feedback, good or bad from our membership. I don’t always have the time to talk to everyone at the meetings on your ideas and comments. You can always call me or email me at your convenience. If you wish I can meet you anywhere for a face to face conversation. I can make myself available on most any schedule. Sharing your thoughts can only help to make our Club better in the long run.

It is an honor being your President.

See you at the next meeting,


A Personal Message from SNCCC Member, Rich Klabatcha...

Volunteers! Volunteers! Volunteers!

All Clubs are looking for people to help with various projects, and some people are always there to give of their time and expertise, to keep their Clubs moving forward.

Our National Club (CCA) has been fortunate to have great leadership for the 24 years that I have been a Member, and there are two people who have volunteered their time and expertise to the Club that now want to expand their duties.

Jim Follis is currently the Club’s OTY Chairman and Co-Club Historian, the MoGH’s Exhibits Chairman, and the SNCCC Club Secretary. Jim is currently running for Vice President of the National Club. Roy Nelson, who has been the Club’s Promotions Director for many years, and is currently running for Membership Officer of the National Club.

Both of these gentlemen have given their time and efforts to promoting the Club and have performed their duties to the highest standards. As a long-time member of the Club, I plan to vote for these two gentlemen and I would encourage all members of CCA to vote for them as well.

Rich Klabacha
CCA Member R-1529

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