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"Celebrity" Player Cards
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as a las vegas strip casino employee there were times when business was slow and my co-workers and i would try to amuse ourselves.

one source of entertainment was to make player cards that we found funny / interesting / goofy etc.

at the casinos i worked, an i.d.was required but simply hitting the override button enabled you to print anything you want on the card. for instance, writing "tiger" on the card instead of "eldrick", his given name that appears on his license.

even if the card was not issued to an actual person, when inserted into a machine it will still display a greeting to the name printed on the card.

my point is...unless you have provenance like jerry concerning the origin, BUYER BEWARE when it comes to celebrity slot cards

b.t.w. awesome mancave jerry!!!! i especially like the Binions Horseshoe decanter

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"Celebrity" Player Cards
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