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Here's the problem Chuck...

There are over 20 Admin, and when people send in the submission, they do not give us much info, sometimes just a scan and nothing else. Is it the admin that is responsible to know 100% of every item we enter in to the ChipGuide? I don't believe so. We count on the submitter to give us good info, then, I count on people like you that will usually contact us through the ChipGuide to try to figure things out and not do it here on the public board. I for one do not read this on a daily basis.

I have never heard of the guy that recreated these chips & I do not collect Nevada chips. These are going under the Fantasy listing but when you come across one like this, it would be great if you hit the update button and let us know that something may be in the wrong location.

Here is my email address and feel free to drop me a line

Albert Scalzo
ChipGuide Webmaster

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The Chip Guide is polluted
Re: The Chip Guide is polluted
OK what about Harley Davidson Chips?
Re: OK what about Harley Davidson Chips?
Ahhh, I see what you mean now.
Here's the problem Chuck...
Albert, have you considered a fantasy category
Oops, I see it is already created that way !!!!!
Thank you for looking a little further than ...
Fantasy Chips
Keep and have info
Re: Keep where they are - disclaimer adjusted
"Made by Paulson for home play..."
Re: "Made by Paulson for home play..."

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