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Las Vegas Chips 4 Sale.

Here are some nice Las Vegas chips up for your consideration, The #'s on the backs are just an old filing and way to find them in a book i made to keep track of prices and when I picked them up. Please leave a comment question suggestion pic poke offer etc. No reasonable price will be refused, but will wheel and deal with you. So please if your interested in any of these and want to make an offer, I won't be insulted if your offer is low, it might be good enough or i might come back with a counter offer. Just trying to be fair and I also don't want to scare anyone away by listing prices and not get an offer at all. Thank you, Torrey

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Las Vegas Chips 4 Sale.
Re: Some really nice chips in there!
Lavender $1 and Cream $1 P Cat a go go Sold
Oh yeah %5 goes to the Board as donation

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