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In 1977 or 78 I made my first trip to the Rose Bowl show dragging along my two protesting kids (I had promised them a quarter if they saw chips and a half buck if I bought them...I saw none, but my oldest daughter asked and a woman pulled out a carousel of 200 grubby looking chips. i really didn't want them as they were "number" chips with "D" & "I" on them but she said I could have them for $10 so I took them, paid off the kids and drove back to our condo. I took the chips back to Syracuse and hid them in a closet. At the time I wasn't trying to collect casino chips--just antique and ivory chips. But when I began collecting Nevada chips I remembered my grubby find and pulled them out of the closet; and learned that they were "H" rated Desert Inn roulette chips. So over the years I sold them off "recovering" my $11.00 (50 cents each kid) investment. grin

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My Rose Bowl fle market finds Sunday
Whoa! Nice finds! I'll have to visit next month
Thanks, I walked for 1.5 hr. no luck, then I asked
Re: My Rose Bowl fle market finds Sunday
Very nice Fred😀
Great story tks. for sharing

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