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Weekend Finds at Kobey's San Diego

My beautiful assistant, Ballerina Barbie, presents my finds from Kobey's Swap Meet.

Agua Caliente Grand Opening Chip repurposed as a Lucite paperweight (which may explain the scarcity of this chip).
Agua Caliente Tijuana Olympic Token repurposed as a key chain. John Ascauga's $1 Rooster Token similarly converted to a keychain - knew it must be old because they explained Sparks as "East Reno."

Las Vegas Escapes seems to have been a travel agency perhaps offering charter buses between San Diego and Las Vegas years back. According to the Los Angeles Times of Nov 30, 1989 - "To ensure an enjoyable trip, Las Vegas Escapes maintains a full office in Las Vegas, as well as its main office in San Diego at 2550 Fifth Ave., Suite 105, in the Fifth Avenue Financial Center. Call (619) 544-0383 for further information or directions to the office. Las Vegas Escapes has each customer's entire ... " The foil label is pasted over a Las Vegas Twenty Dollar Gold Piece.

Small nickel coin is a 5ยข chip from Queen Mary 2, or as we know her, Mary Also.

Year of the Dog chip is from Viejas, later in the day.

Black 8-suits chip has a fun story. Second hand dealer was asking $1 for any item on his blue tarp at 2 PM. But frequent Kobey's-goers know his secret: at 2:45 PM, all unsold junk goes for FREE. Walked around a bit, circled back to see a crowd racing for the tarp - dumping things all around in search of that one special thing - and found the little black chip (and Barbie). Who can turn down a free chip, even if generic?

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Weekend Finds at Kobey's San Diego
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