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Very nice Jay....
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I love the ivory chips - very hard to find in California. The Department of Fish and Game came to the Antique store a few weeks ago and confiscated all the ivory things they found. Carol of course had none in her space but one of her friends had a pair of ear rings confiscated. Carol's friend didn't think the ear rings were ivory - she was had priced them at $8.00 - way low for anything ivory. The Fish & Game folks said they would be back in a few weeks and would be taking all taxidermy ca game items, deer horns and any ivory they found. I picked up a nice walrus ivory halibut pin a while back and now I can't sell it - I'm sure it was a souvenir item carved by Native Americans and sold to the cruse trade, The California law is very strict - and very dumb.

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Today's Finds..
The "Spade" Ivory Is A Beauty
Thanks Fred πŸ˜€
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Thanks John πŸ˜€
Very nice Jay....
Thanks Charles πŸ˜€
Nice finds indeed. Shhhh, about that ivory.
Nice I'll post my rose bowl finds Monday
Looking forward to seeing them πŸ˜€
Nice 'Finds' once again.
Thanks Gerald πŸ˜€
GREAT FINDS...can you tell
Thanks TravisπŸ˜€
Well done Jay !!!
Thanks Doug 😁

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